festive candy cane tea infuser

Here’s one cute-looking tea infuser fit for Christmas, a tea infuser in the shape of a candy cane. Made for tea-drinkers, this festive candy cane tea infuser lets one put in loose tea leaves into the hollow portion the infuser and then allowing them to steep in hot water through the holes at the bottom for a nice cup of tea.

The shape of the candy cane does look useful in this tea infuser design. Not only does it stay in place in the cup, it can also be hung from a hook when not in use thus doubling up as a decoration piece for the kitchen. One cute and useful gift for a family or friend for the holiday season.

A good idea is to put mint leaves into the tea infuser for a nice cup of mint tea so you’ll get a cup of tea with a taste that will make a perfect match with the look of this tea infuser.

The festive candy cane tea infuser is made of stainless steel and retails for $9.95 from Amazon.