filco midori mechanical grass keyboard 1

Here’s one keyboard that is rue to make a dull desk look more lively, a keyboard that comes with grass on it.

filco midori mechanical grass keyboard 2

filco midori mechanical grass keyboard 3

This is a keyboard from FILCO workshop that has turned the common exterior of a keyboard from a smooth surface to that of grass. The surface of the mechanical keyboard comes covered with artificial grass that extends up to 2mm in length.

It doesn’t affect typing in any way, but a touch of greenery will help to make a workspace look less boring and in addition help the eyes to relax after spending too much time focusing on the screen of the computer.

A mechanical keyboard that not only improves the typing experience through the sense of touch but also through sight and touch.

The FILCO Midori grass textured mechanical keyboard retails for 15,800 yen from Diatec Japan.