film roll sticky notes 1

Here’s a set of sticky notes that don’t really look like sticky notes but will make anything you stick on look as though there were part of a roll of film. In addition, the central portion of the sticky notes are transparent, so you can stick them over stuff like pictures and images and write over them.

film roll sticky notes 2

film roll sticky notes 3

The sticky notes themselves come with a border that resemble the tracks found on film, and the backing comes with an adhesive side that lets you stick them on pictures and images. This will create a special effect, which will make it look more interesting and dramatic. On top of that, you can write a message or doodle on it to add a personalized touch.

One cool set of sticky notes that will be perfect for use in scrapbooking and photo albums.

The film roll sticky notes come with 80 in each set and retails for $9.10 per box from Amazon.