With attachments for the Wiimote coming out every other day such as the Wii Zapper and the Wii Wheel, we had to see this coming — A fishing rod accessory for Nintendo Wii’s lineup of fishing games.

Wii Fishing Rod

The Fishing Rod Advance for Wii is an attachment for the Wiimote. How does this add to the enjoyment of playing fishing games? I am guessing that by using it you would look like you are actually doing some fishing with the rod attached instead of flicking just the plain ol’ Wiimote around.

Without getting too geeky, this attachment could potentially save your Wiimote from being slammed to the floor at high velocity due to the change in the centrifugal properties after the entire thing is lengthened.

Apart from the rod itself, the set also comes with a fishing line and a plastic fish that can be tied at the end for added realism. Be sure to mark out a safety zone first before an unsuspecting victim gets a whip of their life.

Product Page via Oh!Gizmo