fishscape landscaped glass fishbowl

The Fishscape is a fishbowl made of glass with a very unique appearance. Instead of a plain rounded glass bowl it comes with a landscaped area right in the middle of the bowl that looks like a mini mountain.

With a capacity of 2.5 gallons, the Fishscape landscaped fishbowl will offer goldfish just little bit of break from swimming around endlessly in circles. A fishbowl like this with uneven ridges in the center will be sufficient on its own and eliminates the need for additional aquarium items that one would have otherwise put into the fishbowl if it were empty.

A small tip for the well-being of the fish is to cover the landscaped area with a patch of natural or artificial greenery, which will help to shield it from the surroundings and thereby offering some shelter and a place to rest.

The Fishscape landscaped fishbowl retails for $139 at Gessato.