flat portable card speaker 1

Speakers often come in fat and bulky shapes that it’s almost impractical to carry around in a shirt of pant pocket. However here’s one speaker that comes in a really compact design and is so flat you can stack it along with your media player or mobile phone and keep it in your pocket.

flat portable card speaker 2

flat portable card speaker 3

The ‘Idea’ card speaker comes in a slip form-factor that makes it possible to carry it along. Unlike conventional portable speakers, they do not come in a cube or spherical shape, but more like a thick piece of business card or credit card. Having this design makes it possible for you to slip it into your pocket without producing an embarrassing looking bulk that protrudes from the pocket.

The card speaker comes with an internal rechargeable battery, that will run for approximately 5 hours on a full charge. This makes it a good companion for a mobile phone or media player for playing music and audio in the open to a bunch of friends.

A conveniently shaped speaker that is functional and easy to carry around.

The flat and slim portable card speaker retails for $112 from Amazon.