flavored ice ball makers

These cool set of hemispheres are ice ball makers that lets one fill the spheres with water for freezing to produce ice balls for drinks. As a single large ice ball will cool better and melt slower than a bunch of small ice cubes in drinks, it is more desirable to use so that much of the original flavor of a juice or soda still remains as it gets chilled.

Besides being able to produce simple ice balls, they are also capable of making flavored ice balls. Just freeze the liquid from the same type of drink beforehand and add them into the drinks. When it’s time to serve, you get a drink that’s both chilled and doesn’t taste diluted.

Alternatively the ice balls can be used to add flavor to the original drink, which can be done by adding some fruit such as lime and lemon or mint leaves and then freezing them in ice using the ice ball makers. Therefore as the ice ball melts, the contents within will infuse gradually with the beverage.

The flavored ice ball makers are able to produce ice balls that measure 2 inches in diameter and go for $9.79 for a set of 4 on Amazon.