flip alarm clock 1

Here’s one alarm clock that comes with a clever yet simple feature, an alarm that can be switched on and off without pressing any buttons but performed by flipping the clock.

flip alarm clock 2

The Flip alarm clock is an alarm clock that comes in a bright color, with the simple function of waking you up with its alarm. When the alarm clock is lying on its on position it will work like an alarm clock that rings at the preset time.

To switch it off, there is no need to fiddle around with buttons or switches on it. All that is needed is to flip the clock around 180 degrees around to set it in the off position for switching the alarm clock off. The alarm clock will also be able to detect and adjust the display to match the orientation automatically.

A simple yet cool-looking alarm clock that will fit the style of modern home.

The Flip alarm clock comes in four colors, blue, lime, purple, and red and retails for £28.99 from Firebox.