iphone trick cover 1

Here’s one iPhone case that not only works as a case, a cover, but also a stand as well. Working as a cover, it doesn’t even require both hands to get the cover off like others. All that is needed is a flip of the wrist and you’ll be able to switch the function of the case to accommodate your needs.

iphone trick cover 2

iphone trick cover 3

In working mode, the iPhone trick cover can be used just like a typical case sitting behind the mobile phone while revealing the screen for viewing and usage. When the screen is no longer needed, a quick flip of the wrist will let the iPhone make a 180-degree flip to turn face down to revert back into an iPhone cover.

Yet another bend in the reverse direction, will allow the hinge to lock in an angle and turn it into an iPhone case, for viewing videos and for using in hands-free mode.

Watch the video of the iPhone Trick Cover in action below:



The iPhone Trick Cover retails for 4,800 yen from Japanese site Trickcover.com.