aroma pot and mood light in one for bathtubs 1

Here’s one bathroom gadget that will make your baths even more relaxing, a floating ball that not only gives off a colorful and relaxing glow but will also waft a nice aroma around the bathroom to sooth your senses as you soak in your bathtub.

aroma pot and mood light in one for bathtubs 2

Put a few drops of your favorite aromatic essence oil into the battery-powered aroma diffuser and you can sit back and enjoy our bath. The aroma pot also comes with a mood lighting, and will transition through different colors from time to time and create a nice ambience around you.

The entire thing is made waterproof and will float when placed on water. A handy shut-off timer switches off the device after 60 minutes just in case you get out of the bath and forget to turn it off.

If only mood lighting is desired, the aroma pot can also be sunk to sit at the bottom of the tub to create a cool ambience by allowing the water to refract and diffuse the colored light around you.

A useful and safe aroma diffuser for those who enjoy soaking in baths. The floating aroma pot and mood light retails for 2,343 yen from Rakuten Global.