floating usb laptop speakers

This is a cool laptop USB speaker that doesn’t take up extra space on the table. Unlike ordinary speakers, the JLab USB portable floating speaker is held up by the flexible stand that also acts as the USB connector to the laptop.

Weighing at 9.6 ounces, the floating USB laptop speaker only needs a little of space along the USB port just to keep it stable. Apart from that, the only thing holding the speaker in mid-air is just the flexible stand alone.

This is a pretty clever design for portable speakers especially for people who have space constraints on their laptop work area. This allows the user to listen to fuller audio sound effects from the floating speaker on the laptop computer without having to resort to headphones and earphones.

The JLabs floating USB laptop speaker is available in 5 colors, Red Hot, Black, Titanium Silver, Pearl White, Cotton Candy Pink and goes for $37.20 each on Amazon.