floppy disk musical orchestra

Floppy disks have become obsolete since the introduction of optical media and USB memory drives years back, so now most of them have either been dumped or kept in collection as part of the history of computing.

But for redditor look_at_my_floppy, he had other plans in place for his floppy disks and an old computer with not one, but four floppy disk drives in total. That’s like owning four high-end pieces of computer equipment back in the good ol’ days, if you happen to know what I mean.

What he did was to turn the floppy disks and the drives running them into musical instruments by programming the floppies to run at musical frequencies according to a famous musical score. We have previously seen videos of one floppy disk making Star Wars music here before but having four of them playing at the same time surely beats it hands down. Not to mention the fact that two ultra-classic 5 1/4 inch floppies were also used in the making of this floppy disk music.

Watch and listen to the video of the music performed by the ensemble of the floppy disk orchestra below: