floppy disk sticky note memo pads

These are some “retro” looking sticky notes that come in the form of an obsolete form of storage media, floppy disks. Just like floppy disks in the past, the sticky notes also come in candy colors that will make a plain old desktop look more vibrant and lively.

I guess not many of the latest generation of computer users are actually familiar with floppy disk and floppy drives, but just 10 years ago the floppy disk was one of the most common form of storage medium used by those who assembled and maintained computers as it was the most common way of booting a system into DOS mode.

For those who were heavy users of floppy disks in the past these sticky note memo pads should hold some sentimental value whenever it is used for sending messages, adding a touch of novelty. $9.99 for a pack of three, ThinkGeek.