One product that has made a key contribution to the world of storage media definitely has to be the humble floppy disk of yesteryear computing. Unfortunately it has failed to keep up with the times and became obsolete after the introduction of rewritable optical media and USB drives. However, one bright spark has come up with a way to recycle it into a modern day storage device!

floppy usb hard drive 1

floppy usb hard drive 2

How many of you remember the days of carrying a bunch of these floppy disks back in the pre ‘thumb drive’ and cd-rom days? The old humble floppy disk was able to hold 1.44mb worth of data and that little amount of seemed so sufficient, that is until music and videos began to take over in the computing world.

By introducing the idea of recycling old floppy disks into modern usb hard drives, Coroflot member Thomas O’Connor has brought back this obsolete product back into the modern computing age.