fluttua floating bed 1

Here’s one floating bed that looks like a dream, a bed that looks as if it’s floating in the air and yet able to support the weight of a sleeping person just like a normal bed can.

This bed, called the Fluttua bed by Daniele Lago is a bed that doesn’t come with any legs for support. Instead, it is supported by a height adjustable anchor point with a horizontal base that sits perpendicular to the wall. A pretty cool design for a bed that doesn’t come with the usual four legs that support it above the floor. One very cool piece of furniture that will make a room look awesome if you also have all the other stuff hanging off the wall instead of standing on the floor.

Definitely one bed that many of us will love to own as it provides a sensation of floating in the air whenever you’re laying on the floating bed.

The Fluttua bed doesn’t come cheap though, as it has an asking price of $4,500.