flygrip smartphone attachment 1

When we use a touchscreen smartphone, we usually hold it with one hand while using the index finger of our other hand to interact with the phone’s GUI. It may be possible to use it in such a way that only one hand is needed, with the smartphone resting on the palm of the hand while our thumb is used to control the phone. However in this way, we may risk our phones dropping as it isn’t really held properly in this way, and this is a bigger problem when it comes to using larger smartphones.

flygrip smartphone attachment 2

Here comes a smartphone attachment that allows us to use the smartphone with only one hand while reducing the chance dropping it. Called the Flygrip, this plastic attachment is applied to the back of a smartphone or it’s casing. With the Flygrip, one is able to grip the back of the smartphone with their fingers and at the same time use their thumb for using the smartphone.

Watch the video of the Flygrip smartphone attachment in action below:



A useful smartphone attachment that allows for a convenient and safer way to use a touchscreen smartphone with only one hand.

The Flygrip smartphone attachment retails for $29.95 from Flygrip.