flying wish paper kit 1

Here’s one really unusual novelty set, and that’s a wish-making set. A set containing paper that you can make a wish on and then gracefully send it into the air by lighting it up with fire.

flying wish paper kit 2

flying wish paper kit 3

The set consists of a few things, the pencil that you use to write your wishes on, the paper that is the main star of the show, the platform for setting everything up and matches to get some fire going. What you need to do is to set the platform on a flat surface, write your wishes on the special paper, crumple it up and then set it up standing on the platform. Finally light it from the top and watch the paper send your wish into the sky.

Watch the video of the Flying Wish paper in action below:



When it rises into the sky, the piece of paper would have already turned into ash so by a time it lands, there will only be a small amount left. Therefore, hopefully your wish will have already started on its journey to where it’s supposed to go to.

An interesting and novel way of making a wish. Certainly one unique wish-making kit and hopefully a wish-granting kit as well.

The Flying Wish Paper kits come in two sizes, large kit for $14.99 and the small kit for $8.99 from Vat 19.