fogring donut-shaped mini humidifier 1

Humidifiers come in many shapes and sizes, but not many will look as simple as this – a donut shaped humidifier called FOGRING that only needs to be dunked into a glass of water to turn liquid into water vapor.

fogring donut-shaped mini humidifier 2

fogring donut-shaped mini humidifier 3

The technology behind this simple-looking humidifier though, isn’t all that simple. It uses something called ultrasonic technology to turn water into vapor that will help to increase the humidity in a small space, or for infusing a room with aromas using essential oils.

Watch the video of the FOGRING donut-shaped mini humidifier in action below:



The tiny shape it comes in will surely appeal to those who travel a lot, as it can be packed into any tiny space it can fit into. It comes with an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged using the common USB port or USB adaptor, so there will be few concerns about electrical plug compatibility in different countries since many will have already packed one or more travel adaptors to go along with their gadgets.

A pretty nice and compact design for a travel-sized mini humidifier. No info on pricing and availability yet, but many frequent travelers who have problem with dry atmospheres will sure love to get their hands on this.