foldable banana umbrella 1

Here’s a very yellow umbrella. So yellow it reminds us of a banana. It even packs into an umbrella case that is made to look like a banana.

foldable banana umbrella 2

foldable banana umbrella 3

The yellow banana umbrella is an umbrella made in line with a banana theme. When folded up for storage, it stores itself neatly into in a banana-shaped casing. When it’s raining, pop the top half of the banana open and you’ll be able to pop the umbrella up and use it like just like a normal umbrella.

A yellow umbrella will definitely attract attention, which is safer as motorists will be able to spot you easily during a heavy downpour, in addition to its capability to used as a sunshade on a sunny day.

When you’ve gotten yourself away from the rain, fold the umbrella and pop it back into its banana shell for storage in your bag. The good thing about the banana case is that it will prevent excess water from dripping from the umbrella during storage, therefore it won’t drench the contents of your bag.

An interesting-looking umbrella that is practical for day-to-day use.

The foldable banana umbrella retails for $24.90 from Brando Gadgets.