folding stainless steel colander drying tray

Here’s one cool kitchen set for small spaces. If you’re finding that you’re short of space on the kitchen counter, this will help to increase the amount of space in the kitchen.

This is a foldable drying tray made of stainless steel rods. They are made to be able to roll out on a flat surface above the sink, so there will be extra space for performing a variety of tasks during food preparation.

When preparing food, a cutting board can be placed on it, so you can cut ingredients on a flat surface that didn’t exist. On its own, vegetables can be washed and left to drain right on it.

During cleaning up, crockery and utensils can be washed and placed on it to drip-dry. When not in use, because the ends are made of flexible silicone, the colander can be rolled up and put into storage easily.

A useful and space saving colander that provides extra space at the kitchen sink.

The folding stainless steel colander drying tray retails for $14.99 from Amazon.