foodskin flexible lunchbox 1

Most of the time, packing sandwiches for a meal in a lunchbox means that cling wrap of foil needs to be used to keep the filling from falling out. However, here’s one lunchbox that makes using cling wrap unnecessary when packing sandwiches.

foodskin flexible lunchbox 2

This lunchbox from the outside doesn’t really look like a lunchbox. It is basically a tray that comes with an elastic silicone lid. All you need to do is to place the prepared sandwich on the tray, flip the lid over the tray and the lid will accommodate to the shape of the sandwich, keeping it clean and the filling in place until you’re ready to eat.

An interesting looking and useful lunchbox that is space-saving and practical for daily use.

The Foodskin flexible lunchbox retails for $35 from Fancy.