framed sticky notes 1

Sticky notes are useful for writing notes and memos on, but also useful for doodling on. Here’s a bunch of sticky notes that come with a printed frame around the blank space, making your doodles look like works of art.

framed sticky notes 2

framed sticky notes 3

The framed sticky notes work just like the usual sticky notes, except they come in a framed design. They come with adhesive behind so you can attach it to any surface such as the wall or a board for display.

For those who love to doodle, there are times where unexpected and surprisingly good stuff that comes up, and if you happen to be doodling on the framed sticky notes, you’ll be able to put it up for display immediately.

Notes and memos left on the sticky notes will also look more pretty and attract more attention compared to ordinary plain sticky notes. In addition, each pack of sticky notes come with a stand at the back so the entire pack can stand up just like a picture frame, acting as a decorative piece on a desk.

A clever design for sticky notes not only suitable for doodling but also for writing notes and memos on.

The framed sticky notes come in a variety of colors and and sizes ranging from $5 t0 $28 from Connect Design.