fridgeezoo animal fridge reminder gadgets

These cute animals called Fridgeezoo shaped like milk cartons are fridge reminder gadgets that greet people whenever the fridge is opened and sounds off a voice alert if the refrigerator door has been opened for too long. They come in the form of four animal designs ranging from polar bear, penguin, walrus to the seal, which is sure to be a hit for kids and adults alike.


Fridgeezoo is a collaboration between Solid Alliance which is well-known for its line of quirky gadgets and a music group called Roman Crew that provided the voice for each design.

The function of these refrigerator gadgets is rather simple but will definitely help absent-minded folks save money by alerting them that their refrigerator door has been open for too long in the cutest way possible. The Fridgeezoo animal fridge reminder gadgets are available in Japan for 1980 yen each at apparestore.