fridgezoo hogen animals fridge companion gadget 1

The Fridgezoo series of fridge companion animals are back, and this time they come in the form of animals that live in cold climates, such as the polar bear, penguin, seal and walrus in a more rounder and cuter shape. However besides looking special and being able to talk while sitting in the fridge, the Fridgezoo Hogen series has something special up its sleeve.

fridgezoo hogen animals fridge companion gadget 2

Each animal comes with a unique dialect of Japanese language based on different regions. The polar bear speaks like a local from Kagoshima and the penguin speaks in a Kyoto dialect, while the seal comes from Iwate and the walrus from Okinawa.

Watch the video of the Fridgezoo Hogen fridge companions in action below:



These Fridgezoo animals are meant to sit all the time in your fridge and greet you with nice things every time you open the fridge, such as “good afternoon” and “nice to meet you”. In addition to that it comes with an eco-friendly feature so they will also speak out if you leave the fridge door open for too long. A push button can also be found at the top of their heads and when pressed, the Fridgezoo animals will come up with a cute burping sound on demand.

A nice little gadget for the fridge that makes one feel good for the day and comes with a friendly eco-saving feature.

The Fridgezoo Hogen animal fridge companions comes in four designs, polar bear, penguin, seal and walrus and retails for 1,980 yen each from Strapya-World.