fun pen type r fan pen 1

Here’s one cool gadget for that hot summer day and more so for writers who still write with a pen these days. By itself, the Fun Pen Type R looks just like an ordinary pen. However by adding a simple fan attachment to the pen included in the package, it turns into a super-slim mini portable fan!

fun pen type r fan pen 2fun pen type r fan pen 3

Powered by a single AAA battery, the Fun Pen Type R from Japanese company Elaice is a ballpoint pen that comes with a motor that powers a small fan blade activated via an on/off slider switch located on its side.

Twisting the pen one way or the other will reveal or retract the ballpoint tip while twisting it further after the ballpoint retracts will allow the battery to be inserted or replaced, where a single full battery will be able power the fan for 6.5 hours on average.

Certainly one ‘cool’ gadget for a hot summer day, which obviously isn’t made just for writers. The pen is also compact enough to fit on the hem of a shirt pocket like a typical pen and can be whipped out in an instant either for writing or simply to cool off with a tiny man-made breeze.