This is no ordinary table. The single feature that sets this piece of furniture apart from other tables is that it reacts to pressure and responds with a beautiful trail of neon illumination.

KLOSS DeLighTable

More about the table and a video of it in action after the jump!

The KLOSS DeLighTable is a table that will make your drinks glow beautifully when set upon. The pressure sensitive layer of the table runs on 12 volts of electricity, is waterproof and allows for some quick doodling from drinkers. Once pressure is lifted, the illumination slowly fades away.

This is a pretty fun table especially for parties. A word of caution for the ladies though, try not to sit on the table or you’ll leave an imprint for the guys to drool at.

The video below demonstrates the touch-sensitive features of the table, cool stuff!

via Sci Fi Tech