fusillo multipurpose wall shelf 1

Wall shelves are very useful for adding storage space along a wall without the need for a full sized-shelf. Here one cleverly designed wall-mount shelf that not only works as a rack but also for hanging stuff.

fusillo multipurpose wall shelf 2

fusillo multipurpose wall shelf 3

The Fusillo wall shelf is a wall-mounted storage shelf that comes with multiple segments along its length. Each segment can be locked to stay horizontal and as needed, can be made to swivel to a vertical orientation where a hook is in place for hanging stuff like a coat, an umbrella, or a bag.

According to the user’s needs, the position on each segment can be changed on demand to make use of all the available space, making it a space saving design on a space saving solution.

A cleverly-designed wall-mounted shelf that’s multipurpose and also fits the style of a modern home.

The Fusillo storage shelf retails for £350 from Fusillo.