futuristic-looking aero sphere fan 1

Need to cool yourself down during the summer? Using the fan is one of the simplest way to move air around the house. Here’s one fan that does the job, and in additional comes in a cool-looking futuristic sphere.

futuristic-looking aero sphere fan 2

futuristic-looking aero sphere fan 3

The Aero Sphere Fan from Japan doesn’t really look like a fan in the first place, but looks more like a pieces of modern decoration. The overall shape is a teardrop shape where it can be placed directly anywhere but it also comes with a stand that stabilizes its base while making it possible to change the angle of airflow.

With long tubed holes incorporated into the design, they help to direct the air more efficiently creating a more focused forward airflow compared to the the conventional fan design that spreads moving air outwards in a conical shape.

A mini remote control is included so the fan can be controlled from a distance so it will be suitable for use while taking a nap or on the bed without getting up to change the fan’s power as the ambient temperature changes.

One cool-looking fan that does its job being a fan as well as looking good as a piece of decorative item.

The Aero Sphere Fan retails for $118 from Japan Trend Shop.