fuuvi nanoblock miniature digital camera 1

The Fuuvi line of miniature digital cameras from Japan are a bunch of cute-looking digital cameras that fit in the size of a palm. As cool as they look good on their own, going into collaboration with another popular product sure doesn’t hurt as well. Meet the Fuuvi Nanoblock miniature camera.

fuuvi nanoblock miniature digital camera 2

fuuvi nanoblock miniature digital camera 3

The Fuuvi Nanoblock camera is essentially the Fuuvi miniature camera and a Nanoblock fused into a single product. This cute mini camera, while looking like a toy, is in fact a working digital camera that is capable of snapping photos and taking videos. With this new design, it offers a new dimension as it enters the world of Nanoblocks, the tiny-looking toy blocks from Japan that remind us of Lego.

With a bunch of Nanoblocks the Fuuvi camera can be customized to suit appearance and usage, on top of its primary 5 designs in 5 colors, black, white, red, yellow, and blue. After which the camera can be further customized simply for the sake of fun, to look like an instant polaroid camera, a DSLR camera or even one with its very own tripod.

Watch the video of the Fuuvi Nanoblock miniature digital camera in action below:



Definitely one cool miniature camera that will bring a ton of fun on top of its conventional usability and compact size.

The Fuuvi Nanoblock miniature digital camera retails for $107 from Japan Trend Shop.