G.I. helmet military lamp shade

For those who are big fans of military related apparel, you’ll definitely be no stranger to accessories such as a G.I. helmet and military dog tags. Well, this G.I. helmet lamp shade has them all.

G.I. helmet lamp shade with dog tags

Painted in authentic army green and plastered all over with stylish army decals, this unique piece of home lighting will definitely get your blood and adrenaline pumping whenever you look up, especially while you’re in the course of a self-induced G.I. wannabe workout.

G.I. helmet lamp shade package

The cool army helmet lamp shade also comes with military dog tags that act as switches, but I’ll just have to wonder whether it’ll withstand the rigorous cycle of getting continuously tugged at by someone who’s probably the opposite of gentle.

The G.I. helmet lamp shade is available in Japan from D-forme at 7,140 yen per piece.