8-bit game-themed real-life treasure chest 1

The treasure chest, as its name implies, is a chest that is made for holding treasure and valuables. Such treasure chest are a staple in games, especially games where adventuring and exploring are involved.

8-bit game-themed real-life treasure chest 2

Here’s one treasure chest that doesn’t exist in a game, but a real-life treasure chest that looks like the one found in a classic 8-bit game. While in reality it is truly 3-dimensional, it is still made to look like a simple classically rendered blocky treasure chest from games of that era.

What you can do with this treasure chest is for storing your stuff in, however if you want to be more obvious, treasures and valuables can be stored in it as well.

A cool treasure chest that will be perfect as a gift on its own, or as a nice container for holding a geeky gamer gift within.

The 8-bit game-themed real life treasure chest retails for $29.99 from ThinkGeek.