I came across a post from ReadWriteWeb on an article that claimed that 3-D Internet will be important to work as the world wide web today in 5 years time.

What is 3-D Internet?

The 3-D Internet is a virtual world or a collection of virtual worlds available on the Internet. How a person exists in the virtual world is by owning a virtual representation (avatar) of themselves.

Virtual Meeting

Unfortunately, this 3-D profile as said in the article are perceived to be “nonsense” and “not to be taken seriously” by the older generation. Therefore it is tough to convince many today that this is one of the tools set to go mainstream in the near future.

Here are some points that I thought would be some of the thoughts and misconceptions that the non tech-savvy generation have about virtual conferences and on the Internet generation.

Older Generation

  • I need to hear the person’s tone and voice directly.
  • I can only communicate properly with the aid of body language.
  • I’m not really that tech-savvy.
  • You can’t really do any work with so many distractions on the computer with an internet connection
  • 3-D cartoon models are just an excuse to play games on the computer, so you’re a gamer.

Younger Generation

  • There’s always Voip or a simple voice message.
  • We have emoticons and Internet slang!
  • We are taught how to use computers in school.
  • We are experts at multitasking in this digital age.
  • You can’t just label people with virtual avatars as gamers.

As someone who grew up with the boom of the Internet revolution, I am aware of the benefits technology has provided for both businesses and consumers. The world has definitely gotten much closer and efficient after the invention of the Internet, after the industrial revolution and the birth of the aeroplane industry.

An interesting point that was mentioned is that companies such as Sun Microsystems already has 50% of their workforce working from home! That’s a surprising statistic, as it is definitely not a norm for a typical organisation, and organisations like that could be the driving force behind the 3-D Internet hitting the mainstream.

Working from home definitely has some benefits; you cut down on transport, you’re able to spend more time with your family and as long you set your priorities and set strict timings for work, productivity will not be affected and may even increase. Tasks such as meeting up with a client or business partner can simply be achieved by the click of a button!

Therefore, I feel that not only gamers who are comfortable with games such as Second Life who will be the only ones utilizing tools such as virtual conferences for business. Everyone should try to understand the benefits of this new and unique form of business-interaction coming our way within the next 5 years.

Will it be difficult for people used to traditional business meet-ups to learn to use this new tool? What do you think?