gangnam style usb flash drive 1

Here’s one action figure made in the likes of PSY, probably best known for bringing the viral hit song Gangnam Style to the world. However it isn’t just a toy alone, but has a USB flash drive built in it.

gangnam style usb flash drive 2

gangnam style usb flash drive 3

The ‘Gangnam Style’ USB flash drive comes in a silicone form made to look like the tuxedo-wearing South Korean artiste in the famous pose of his horse-riding dance from the music video. To access the USB plug of the flash drive, you need to pry his body into two pieces (yikes) before plugging in his upper torso into the USB port of a computer or laptop computer.

A pretty cheesy-looking USB flash drive that is probably worth more because of how it looks rather than its actual purpose as digital flash storage.

The PSY Gangnam Style USB flash drive comes in memory capacities of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and retails for $17 – $35 depending on capacity from USB Geek.