genius wireless ring mouse 1

Computer mice have been the most common form of input for controlling the cursor for many years. As for laptop computers, the trackpad can be used as an input interface without a computer mouse plugged in. This alternative form of input device by Genius called the wireless ring mouse takes on the alternative form of a computer mouse by fitting a trackpad on a device that’s small enough to fit around a finger!

genius wireless ring mouse 2

This lightweight cursor input device for the computer called the Genius Wireless Ring Mouse is a portable trackpad with buttons that lets you control the computer cursor without the need of the typical computer mouse.

The good thing about this mini mouse is that you no longer need to keep an arm out in order to be moving the cursor about for surfing the net. Instead you can sit back, relax and have both arms resting on the computer chair or couch while reading the news or doing online shopping.

The small size of the wireless ring mouse doesn’t seem too perfect though, as the size of the touchpad will mean that there isn’t much space for continuous flow of the cursor across the screen unless you are willing to adapt to a higher mouse pointer speed which sacrifices accuracy.

As for the battery, it is powered by a built-in lithium battery which can be recharged via USB. Since there’s only one battery for each tiny ring mouse, it’ll mean that the cursor will be unusable in the event that the battery runs out so it’s a good idea to charge the mouse whenever possible; especially so if it has been made the primary pointing device on the computer system.

The Genius wireless ring mouse, as its name implies is a wireless mouse that works on the 2.4GHz radio frequency band which eliminates cumbersome wires and has a working distance of 10 meters which is a plus for media center and presentation setups.

A pretty cool and ergonomic alternative to the computer mouse for light computing and a portable companion to the laptop computer, the Genius wireless ring mouse is available for $69.99 on Amazon.