gerber steady camera tripod multi tool gadget

Multi-tool gadgets as we all know, come with quite a handful of useful built-in gadgets that make them convenient multi-purpose tools to have lying around in vehicles and also particularly essential for camping trips. The usual stuff we normally see that come with these multi-tools are stuff like utility knives and bottle openers to name a few.

However here’s a multi-tool called the Gerber Steady that’s made for the digital age – apart from coming with the usual load of tools, it also comes with the ability to transform into a camera tripod!

The Gerber steady is a multi-tool that comes with 12 tools has an additional ability not seen in other multi-tools, which is the capability to keep a camera upright with its camera tripod attachments built onto its body.

A camera tripod is definitely not a tool that’s essential for survival in the wild outdoors, but is more of a convenience for stuff like taking group photos using the timer mode found in digital cameras today. Also great for self-videos if you aspire to be a survival expert cum videographer and want to give quick lessons about surviving in the wild.

An interesting and creative design for a multi-tool gadget with a techie twist. The Gerber Steady Camera Tripod multi tool is slated for a spring 2012 release at a price of $65 at Gerber Gear.