giant gummy bear soap

The gummy bear many of us have grown up with, has always been a tasty and comforting treat. However, here’s a giant gummy bear that isn’t that gummy at all, on top of that it isn’t made for eating but for use in the shower.

While looking like a colorful and tasty giant gummy bear, this gummy bear is made for use in the shower. Just like their smaller counterparts, they come in fruity flavors as well. However as they’re made of soap, they should only be smelled at but not tasted.

Not only can they be used as body soap, they can also be used for washing hands, leaving a nice fruity smell. They can also make a child want to take a shower more often, just because they can play with a giant gummy bear in the shower.

A cute-looking bunch of soaps that are definitely fun to use in the shower and perfect for gummy bear lovers.

The giant gummy bear soap comes in five colors/flavors – strawberry, lemon, lime, pina colada, orange and retails for $7.99 each from Perpetual Kid.