buildingblox giant lego-like toy building blocks

If you and your family love Lego blocks, then there’s no way you wouldn’t like these Lego-Like building blocks. The difference is that these BuilderBLOX are much bigger than the average Lego bricks that many of us grew up with.

Each of the blocks measure 8x4x3.5” in size while half blocks are square and half of the length. With these gigantic toy building blocks, there is no need to imagine yourself staying in a fortress made from miniature Lego bricks that you can’t actually fit into. Therefore, you can build one cool colored fortress for yourself and live like a king in your own space.

Watch the video of the BuilderBLOX giant toy building blocks in action below:



The blocks can also potentially be useful for building and assembling some home furniture as well. Maybe one can build a small custom foot rest with a cushion on top for comfort, a coffee table, or even a small shelf, and that’s in addition to their actual purpose as toys.

Perfect for Lego lovers who wish to build structures that are much bigger in size. Looks like a suitable medium for Minecraft gamers to turn their digital game structures into real-life buildings.

The BuilderBLOX giant toy building blocks comes with 64 whole blocks and 16 half-blocks in assorted colors and retails for $199.95 per set from Amazon.