giant sharpener desk tidy 1

Where there are wooden pencils lying around, a sharpener is never far away. These days, mechanical pencils are preferred to traditional wooden ones for day-to-day use, since they don’t need sharpening and this results in the traditional pencil sharpener getting less common by the day.

giant sharpener desk tidy 2

giant sharpener desk tidy 3

Here’s one giant sharpener that doesn’t work as a functional sharpener, but as a desk tidy. It comes with a hole right in it where you can store stationery such as pens and other stuff within. Besides helping to keep things organized on the desk, it will also help to counted the loss of the pencil sharpener with its larger than life presence, in addition to adding a touch of nostalgia to the room.

An interesting-looking yet useful organization tool made for the desktop.

The giant sharpener desk tidy comes in various designs and retails for £15 – £25 from Suck UK.