gifty video clip flipbook maker 1

GIF is a form of animated image file that can easily show a short animation quickly in a relative small file size. Here’s one concept design of a recording gadget that not only lets you record short videos clips, but also prints them out frame by frame onto film paper. The frames can then be assembled into a miniature book which can be used for viewing as a flip-book animation.

gifty video clip flipbook maker 2

The Gifty is a design by Jiho Jang, who has came up with this interesting and fun digital video recorder. This makes it work similar to a polaroid camera, just that it is made for video clips.

Watch the video of the Gifty video flipbook maker in action below:



Not only can it capture special moments in video, it will also allow viewing that special moment practically anywhere, without any special gadgets – all you need is to flip the pages at the right speed and you get to watch the action. You can also flip the pages slower or faster or usual just for laughs.

A clever design that will hopefully make it to retail shelves one day.