gigs 2 go usb drive 01

USB flash drives usage has been diminishing the since a few years back with the wide adoption of cloud storage. However there are still many practical uses for offline storage, especially at times when there is limited internet connectivity.

gigs 2 go usb flash drive 2

Here’s a USB drive that brings a no-frills concept with it. Made with recyclable materials for its outer covering, it is made to feel like a disposable item where you easily tear off one for use right away, such as sharing a file and passing it on physically to an acquaintance without the need to share it online.

While they look disposable, just like the usual USB flash drives, they can be used over and over again.

Each thumb drive holds 8GB of memory which is good enough for storing a couple of high quality video files.

A useful pack of USB memory drives useful for urgent times.

The Gigs 2 Go USB flash drive retails for $35 from MoMA Store.