glass tea infuser 1

Tea infusers come in a variety of materials such as silicone, ceramic and stainless steel. However here’s one tea infuser that is made of glass.

glass tea infuser 2

The glass tea infuser looks almost like a test tube, except with special horizontal slots cut along the body, which lets the brewed tea spread out to the rest of the cup. Since it’s made of glass you’ll be able to watch your tea brew the moment you put the tea infuser into a cup of hot water, which can be pretty therapeutic in addition to sampling the aroma and taste of a nice blend of tea.

All that is needed to brew a cup of tea is to remove the wooden top of the infuser, place loose tea leaves into the body of the infuser, cap it back on and drop it into hot water. The wooden top also allows the whole infuser to be used like a stirrer for mixing the tea in the cup.

A cool-looking glass tea infuser that will be perfect for a tea-lover.

The glass tea infuser retails for $9.99 from Amazon.