kalorik glass toaster

Here’s one toaster that works just like the usual sliced bread toaster, but with a little difference.

It comes with a transparent window, which is unlike many toasters that come with opaque covers.

This toaster called the Kalorik glass toaster will toast your bread into toast, but while it does so, you’ll be able to peer through its transparent casing all the way to the bread that is being toasted. Even with a pop-up timer, some of us may still get the timing wrong, so having transparent window will definitely help to produce toast of the right color to your preference.

Apart from the usefulness, bring able to watch the bread toast as you enjoy a cuppa also makes it a little more interesting.

A cool toaster that will make breakfast more interesting for the family.

The Kalorik Glass Toaster retails for $73,99 from Amazon.