glo-boy solar powered night light

This little guy called the Glo-Boy is a solar-powered night light. During the day, set the Glo-Boy up with the solar panel facing the sun’s rays and he’ll recharge as he snoozes. At night when some soft illumination is needed, simply flip him over to wake him up and have him start performing his job by glowing as a night light.

Glo-Boy comes with a solar panel and rechargeable battery system built into it so there’s no need to replace batteries or connect it to an AC power source like other night lights. This allows it to be portable enough to be placed practically anywhere that needs illumination in the dark, like the hallway at night or even for outdoor camping.

The rechargeable battery, when fully charged, provides power to let the illumination run for an average of six hours. The Glo-Boy solar powered night light is available from Perpetual Kid for $29.99 each.