swimming pool led floating jellyfish 1

A swimming pool can be dark at times when there isn’t adequate lighting especially in the middle of the pool. To add just a bit of illumination not only for vision but ambience and decor as well, some LED glow-in-the-dark floating jellyfish like these will surely fit the bill.

swimming-pool-led-floating-jellyfish 2

These LED jellyfish that look a little like aliens come with a bubble-like top that floats above the water’s surface and wiggly legs that go under. Inside the jellyfish are a bunch of LED bulbs that light up the main pod and it legs. From there the illumination will also spread around the proximity of the floating LED jellyfish thanks to the reflective properties of water in the pool.

While real jellyfish should never be put into a swimming pool for humans, there’s no holding back when it comes to these artificial light-up floating jellyfish so you can toss as many as you please into your pool, even one right into your bathtub for good measure.

Perfect for illuminating the pool at night for ambience and also great decoration pieces for pool parties.

The LED floating jellyfish light pods are available in colors of green and purple and retail for $44.98 on Amazon.