glowing-keyboard-stickers 1

If you prefer to use the computer in a low-lighting environment, these glowing keyboard stickers will definitely help during typing and reduces eye strain especially for hunt-and-peck typists. The stickers are printed in fluorescent ink and come with a high reflective index that makes them reflect light off any ambient source, effectively allowing enough illumination for typing in the dark.

glowing-keyboard-stickers 2

Besides helping you type in the dark, these stickers also make your keyboard look twice as cool than before. Each set sells for $9.99, buy from ThinkGeek.


  • High quality fluorescent print reflects any ambient source – no matter how small.
  • Eases eye fatigue while typing in low-light levels.
  • Matte surface that is pleasant to touch.
  • Easy to apply – just peel and stick (yet allows for a clean full removal with no sticky residue).
  • Can be trimmed to fit non-standard keyboards.
  • Dimensions: (full sticker sheet) – 9.5" x 4"