gold brick coin bank 1

Dreaming about getting rich and finally owning a couple of pure gold bricks? Though a not real gold brick, this gold bullion coin bank will help to give a mental boost in making that dream come true.

gold brick coin bank 2gold brick coin bank 3

Not only does the gold brick coin bank come in handy when weighed down by coins for serving as a paperweight, it also helps to constantly remind one to work hard to eventually become rich; all that in addition to being just a decorative and novelty gift.

While filling up one single gold brick to its brim with spare change isn’t really going to be enough to buy one real gold brick of pure gold costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, it sure is a great first step to the path of success for one who never gives up. The gold brick coin bank retails for $16.90 each at Brando Toys.