gold iphone lightning cable and charger 1

Here’s an iPhone accessory that doesn’t come in the traditional white color like most of its accessories do – an iPhone lightning cable that comes in the flashy bling of gold.

gold iphone lightning cable and charger 2

gold iphone lightning cable and charger 3

This gold-colored iPhone cable works just like a normal lightning cable that allows charge and sync, but what sets it apart from the stock cable is that it comes in a bright and blinding color of gold. For those who don’t seem to fit in with the idea of being minimalistic and plain, this is one cable that will either match the other shiny stuff that you carry around or simply become the standout from other plain-looking gadgets.

A flashy lightning cable that allows charging and syncing, and perfectly useful for complementing a bold and gold fashion statement. In addition, the set comes with a gold USB wall charger so there’s always a perfect combo when plugged into an AC outlet for charging

The gold-colored iPhone charge and sync lightning cable with charger retails for $9.50 from Amazon.