gold legend of zelda nes cartridge external hard disk

Once upon a time, there was a console called the Nintendo Entertainment System that came with a great video game Legend of Zelda. Many years have passed since then and for many, the classic RPG game still holds a special place in the hearts of gamers.

There are some who still possess the game cartridge as a keepsake while there are some who seem to have found interesting ways to make use of them like this gold Legend of Zelda NES cartridge turned into an external hard disk drive with 1TB capacity.

This is a creative way to upcycle a vintage NES video game cartridge into a fully functional external hard disk. A 2.5” hard disk lies within a gold Legend of Zelda game cartridge modded into an external hard disk enclosure allowing it to be accessed via USB just like any external hard disk.

I guess seasoned modders with old NES game cartridges to spare should be able to make one for themselves but if you’ll like to own one without going through the somewhat tedious modding process the gold Legend of Zelda NES cartridge external hard disk with 1TB of storage capacity is available for $179.99 on Etsy.