golf ball speaker

Still thinking of perfecting your golf swing at work? This golf ball speaker will add a touch of class to a golf enthusiast’s collection of gadgets besides making you dream of playing golf at the computer. Not only does the speaker look like a real golf ball ready to be teed off, it even comes with a patch of grass acting as the speaker stand for a convincing look.

serizawa voice of golf ball speaker

The portable golf ball speaker from Japanese company Synnex Infotec comes with a rather unique feature not found on other speakers; which comes as the form of voice messages from Japanese celebrity Serizawa saying stuff like “Nice shot!” and “Nice Birdie!” whenever the dedicated voice button is pressed.

This golf themed speaker weights at 25g, measures 42.5mm in diameter and comes with an internal lithium-ion battery that can be charged via the USB port. Having this configuration allows it to be used as a portable speaker for media players and other compatible audio gadgets.

The golf ball speaker will be released for Japanese consumers at an estimated street price of 2980 yen.