If you haven’t already know, Google has launched its very own browser named Google Chrome. This is an open-source browser that contains the best features that surfers love, together with a whole lot of security and crash protection features.

google chrome beta

The crash protection of the browser in my opinion is one of the most useful feature. Have you tried opening multiple tabs only to have one of the tabs crash the entire browser? This will never happen in Google Chrome. If one of the tabs crash, all you need to do is to close that tab which will show up with an image of a sad face on the screen.

In Google Chrome, each tab is a separate process on the computer system, allowing the processes to be separated from each other. This also resolves problem such as memory leaks as these processes release all memory usage efficiently when the corresponding tabs are closed.

Google has completely coded its browser from scratch, therefore there is much hype going on as to how Google Chrome is going to influence the future of browsers made by other software companies.

Currently, Google Chrome is in beta and is available for download.